Memberships & Pricing

Cage Rentals



Hourly Rate is $40 for one tunnel

Half Hour Rate is $25 for one tunnel

HitTrax is $59.95/Hr (members price is $10)

Rapsodo is $59.95/Hr (members price is $10)

Feature Lineup


The Launching Pad (TLP) Cage Rentals are available for rent by the hour and half hour.

  • Includes the use of a pitching machine if available

  • Includes 1 bucket of baseballs/softballs

  • Includes L-Screen or Softball Screen

  • Includes Pitching Mound

  • Includes Tanner Tee

Team Hourly Rentals



$110 For 1.5 hour practice with the use of two tunnels.

Feature Lineup


  • Includes Baseballs/Softballs

  • Includes Tanner Tee

  • Includes Pitching Mound

  • Includes Pitching Machine (If available)​

If you think you will need to book a time slot for a team practice please do so in advance. There will be a $50 deposit required to book. If there is a chance of rain or poor weather on your practice day book early as slots will fill up.

If your team has unique circumstances and needs to discuss a custom package please call or email us and we will be glad to assist you.


All Inclusive Package


Individual membership – $100

Family membership – $125 (Up to 3 family members)


Unlimited use of Hittrax and Rapsodo (the use of these 2 are by appointment only so book in advance. Comes with 1 hour use for each one each day. If nobody else is waiting to use member can continue as long as they want)

Comes with all the perks of the MVP membership

MVP Package


Individual Membership- $70 per Month

Family Membership- $90 per Month (up to 3 family members)


  • Unlimited use of indoor batting cages (Must make reservations to ensure cage availability. Can also use cages on first come first serve basis. Cage rentals are for 30 minute time slots and can use for longer if there is no other customers waiting).

  • Discount on Camps and Classes (10% off)

  • Discount on Lessons ($10 off lesson packages of 6 or more)

  • Discount in Proshop (10% off), Bats (5% off)

  • Receive The Launching Pad (TLP) 20 oz. shaker

  • You can book up to (2) 30 minute cages per day with this membership. If you need longer while you are here and there is a cage open you can use that space. This prevents members from reserving the cage for the whole day when they may only use it for 30 to 60 minutes.

HitTrax or Rapsodo Membership


Individual membership – $90​


Your choice of unlimited Hittax or Rapsodo (the use of either Hittrax or Rapsodo are by appointment only so book in advance. Comes with 1 hour of use each day. If nobody else is waiting to use member can continue as long as they want)

Team Rentals


$300 Per Month (Month to Month)


  • Additional Cage price $30 each practice (Upon availability)

  • (2) Two hour practice slots per week (Time slots are on a first come first serve basis and scheduled for the month in advance)

  • Use of two cages for the practice

  • Each cage will have a pitching mound, tanner tee, and baseballs/softballs

  • Discount on merchandise in pro shop (10% while membership is active, bats excluded)

Private Lessons

Will Lane Lesson Package


6 Lesson Package- $200

1 Lesson- $35


Will is offering hitting or pitching lessons to all age groups.  He also prefers to do packages but will do 1 lesson at a time.  He loves the fundamentals/psychological aspects of the game and looks forward to working with you.

Johnny Narron Lesson Package

For More Information

Please visit

Birthday Party Package

Bouncy House for birthday parties is an additional $50.

Additional Hour on HitTrax is $40

Each party will have a party specialist to assist with your birthday party. You can hit baseballs and softballs. We also have a full set of dodge balls that can be used during your party.  Please contact us for any special requests that you may have. We can customize your party package any way you would like it.


2 Cages for 2 Hours, 1 Hour on HitTrax, 3 Large Pizzas with Soda


2 Cages for 3 Hours, 1 Hour on HitTrax, 3 Large Pizzas with Soda

Grand Slam-$300

3 Cages (Entire Middle Cage 45×75) for 3 Hours, 1 Hour on HitTrax, 3 Large Pizzas with Soda

*** All parties are set up for 12 participants***

***Additional Party Members can be added for $10 per child***

***Soda will come from our cooler and the number will be based on how many you book for.  Additional sodas can be purchased . ***

***We can get Pizza from Pizza Inn, Brooklyn Pizzeria, or any other local pizza restaurant***

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